Shop Filter

In order to modify the shop filter, you can access Appareance > Customize > Shop (WooCommerce) > Shop Control.

  • Enable Product Tabs: Turn on or off the tab filter in the shop page. You can select which categories will be displayed in the tab, enter a number to get limit number of top categories as well as enter a number to get limit number of top tags. Additionally, You are able to select the position that categories will appear, Shop Control or Shop Heading.
    Please note that in order to display the tabs filter, you need to turn off the categories carousel.
  • Product Filter Style: Apart from the tabs filter which is mentioned above. There are another 3 filter styles, Dropdown, Off Canvas and Sider Bar.
  • Filter Content Position: When select either off canvas or side bar filter, you can see the filter content position section, you can decide the content filter to be displayed in the left or right.
  • Filter Title: Rename the title of the filter.
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